Closca Black

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HANDS-FREE BOTTLE:  Wear your bottle instead of carrying it, while expressing your attitudes. Unique embraceable system patented by Closca.

DUAL OPENING: Dual caps allow for ice, fruit, and tea infuse, as well as an easy, seamless cleaning. Backed by our LeakProof Guarantee.

BOROSILICATE GLASS: BPA free, made with the toughest glass in a water bottle. Keep your water pure and odor-free.

UNIQUE STRAP SYSTEM: The silicone strech (26mm. – 40mm.) allows you to attach it anywhere you want to carry it, your bag, suitcase or even your bike.

SIZE: 420ml



Inpire Change: Our planet is a reflection of the society that inhabits it and we must commit ourselves to deserve a better planet.

We are with those who appreciate beauty, are not intimidated by change and have the inevitable need to transform our environment.

That's why we create products and services that help Inspire Change in people's attitudes, and thereby create a better future for all.

For all those who are hurt to see the result of our lack of consciousness for many generations, for all those who together with us feel co-responsible for transforming things, for those who know that the time is now.

Closca is the brand with a unique purpose, to help you Inspire Change and therefore we offer you iconical products and services to generate social movement.

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