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Wooden cufflinks add an accent to your outfit suit on a regular day as well as on special occasions!

Wooden cufflinks are handmade in Estonia out of various precious woods. Natural oil wax is used for finishing. Each cufflink pair is special thanks to the unrepeatable texture of the wood.

Measurements: 19 x 19 mm

Wood: Ebony

Wooden Lifestyle is a family business established in 2014  by Siim and Marje Kirsipuu. Wooden Lifestyle was the first, in Estonia, to bring 3D wooden bow ties to the market. The idea was initiated in 2013, when Siim, who is the head of a timber company had to represent his business in a trade fair. In order to stand out he had the idea of make a waistcoat out of oak veneer. While making the waistcoat, he felt something was missing and decided to create a long tie made out of veneer. However, he was not happy with the result, because the tie began to curl and did not stay straight. When thinking and bending the veneer between his fingers, a bow tie-like shape randomly appeared and that’s how it all began!

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