Raspberry & Vanilla


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A sweet and sharp refresher!

Goodbye artificial berry flavours. Enjoy the taste of fresh raspberry coupled with a hint of delightful vanilla.

Loads of us love to chew gum. We’ve been chewing for thousands of years, originally on gum made from tree sap. We’ve been told it’s good for our teeth and keeps our breath fresh. However these days, we’re more likely to be chewing on polymer…that’s a plastic similar to car tyres as well as polyethylene, from which plastic bottles are made. Surprising, right? That’s why the common gum is really not good for you or the environment. The good news is that True Gum makes a plant-based and totally plastic free new chewing gum which is good for you and doesn’t harm the environment.

Product details

Sweeteners (xylitol: France, steviolglycosides), chicle gum base, natural flavours, acid (citric acid), moisturizing agent (glycerine), stabilizing agent (acacia gum), sweet potato concentrate. Contains sweeteners.

Nutritional content per 100g: Energy 758kJ / 181 kcal – Fat 0,8g, of which saturates 0g – Carbohydrates 68,5g, of which sugars 0,3g – Protein 0g – Salt 0g. Excessive consumption may cause a laxative effect. Store dry.



True Gum – are revolutionizing the chewing gum industry since 2017. In the beginning, it was just four friends – Peter, Morten, Jacob and Zabrina – on a mission to produce a seriously tasty alternative to chewing on plastic. They realized that most conventional gums in supermarkets contain plastic and decided to do things different. Like totally different.

True Gum is made with sap from gum trees, all-natural flavours and plant-based sweeteners. It is not only plastic-free, biodegradable and vegan, but also sugar-free and free from aspartame and palm oil. Because actually, it is possible to produce gum without all the nasty and unnecessary synthetics. Today, each piece of True Gum is carefully crafted in their own little factory running on green energy right outside of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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