Room Fragrance – My Passion


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A mixture of ripe berries with added sweet orange and enchanting bergamot.

Volume: 100 ml

Flammable! It is forbidden to light the scent sticks! Keep out of reach of children and animals!



Scents play an important role in life. Our great passion is to offer you scent experiences that make every home, day or event special in its own way! A carefully chosen scented candle helps to break free from the daily routine and evokes positive emotions. ELLI's product range is constantly expanding, and when we create fragrances, we get inspiration from all around us - from nature, people, beautiful and special moments. ELLI candles are handmade in Estonia. Surely everyone in our product range will find just the right one based on their emotions, special event or just their mood. Estonian Design / Eesti Disain
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