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Measurements: Frame front: 134 mm, Frame side: 140 mm, Lens Width: 44 mm, Lens Height: 44 mm.

Frame: Black color premium cellulose acetate with built-in acetate nose pads.

Lenses: Blue light blocking lenses for eye protection against harsh exposure to artificial light. Issuing less dryness and strain on eyes whilst working in front of a screen.



All of our frames are made from a material called cellulose acetate. Sounds complicated? It’s actually not. Acetate is a nylon-based plastic, made from processed wood pulp. It’s durable, lightweight and flexible. It is also hypoallergenic. In contrast with oil-based plastic, this cellulose acetate comes from a renewable resource. And, is also biodegradable. Secondly, they’re adjustable. These acetate glasses can be slightly bent in the area around the nose, making the glasses more narrow or wider, the legs of the frame won’t press on the temples because they can be shifted according to the height and length of your ears. We aren’t saying that this material is unbreakable, it just has the quality to be much more flexible than its rivals. I mean, how incredible is that?
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