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This world map is the best choice if you want to mark your travels and have a nice design art print on your wall.

At first, the travel map is totally black and the contours of countries are barely visible. Every time you travel to a new country, you will peel off the shape of that country and reveal a white surface underneath. The more you travel, the whither your personal travel map gets.

Countries are cut into the black matte surface and separated by borders, so you get always clear and sharp edges without ruining your world map.


  • Poster size: 70 x 50 cm (28” x 20”)
  • Premium, high-quality, matt sticker paper
  • Detailed, sharp & outstanding cutting quality
  • Metal pin included: a free tool to help you peel off visited countries




Bold Tuesday

We are Bold Tuesday, a small design studio from Tallinn, Estonia. We’re curious about the world and passionate about good design. To share our passion, we create interactive world maps that teach you about our world, inspire you and make your walls look extraordinarily good! Bold Tuesday’s prints look at the world from a different perspective. Each product has a clever twist and fresh idea - be it showing the world map as a word search puzzle or listing the countries from biggest to smallest. Our posters will come to life thanks to the user, and change into something completely unique and personal with their travels, adventures and memories. So, get inspired. Get excited. And get ready to explore, cause there’s a whole world waiting for you. Kairi & Markus Estonian Design / Eesti Disain
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