Alphabet Map


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It’s a hand-drawn alphabet poster for the little travelers.

This poster features letters from A(fganistan) to Z(imbabwe) with all the 196 country names of the world in English. It is made for the little wanderers, who are curious about the big world. Do you know how many countries start with the letter O? Which is the most popular initial for country names? Or what letter no country starts with? This alphabet poster knows. And it’s ready to share the knowledge with you! It’s adorable. It’s educational. It’s fun! So hang this alphabet on your wall and get to know the names of the countries!

  • Poster size: 50 x 70 cm (20” x 28”)
  • Sustainably sourced high-quality, matt & uncoated acid-free paper
  • Paper weight: 150 gsm (115 lb) art paper



Weight 1.5 kg
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