Child, you’re Interrupting – T-shirt

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ME: when somebody invites themselves where I specifically didn’t want them to come: “Um…hi”
MY T-SHIRT: Bitch, nobody asked you here and we wanna see you waving👏goodbye👏 from 👏a 👏taxi👏.

When you’re too sweet on the outside to talk like the bitch you really are.

100% soft organic cotton, 180 gsm weight.
Sizes correspond with unisex sizing

Egle Zvirblyte is a Lithuanian artist and illustrator based in London. She creates bright and punchy character-based work that is both tongue-in cheek and touches upon deeper humanistic topics.

Besides spending more than 12 years in London, she has lived in Melbourne, Tokyo, Bali and Barcelona, working for clients worldwide in branding, advertising, product design, music and fashion.

In her personal practice Egle explores themes of identity, spirituality, personal transformation, as well as connection of humans with their bodies, each other and the world.


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