Hirsch - White


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This Papertrophy animal trophy has nothing in common with the antlers eccentric hunters like to present in their own homes! Our deer shows up with an impressive headdress, but is manufactured from paper from sustainable forestry. When hanging on the wall, it is still quite an eye-catcher. No wonder! The deer’s head has quite an impressive size: in height it measures 58 cm including the antlers, in width 35 cm and in depth 31 cm.

The paper art will be delivered in pre-creased and pre-cut pieces. For assembling, you neither need scissors nor sophisticated origami skills. You only need the love for crafting paper animals!

The items are sent in logical and easily understandable numbering and can be glued together very easily, for example, with our own Papertrophy glue.

The white deer is particularly stylish in its low poly design which looks awesome on a colorful wall.

The Papertrophy paper glue is included.

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