Lemon Dude - Pin


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Are you rotten to the core and bad to the max?
Is your tough exterior hiding a sour soul and you’re not here to make friends?

Then your match is LEMONDUDE!

These pins are part of a new series of Life Improvement items that match your truest unapologetic self, whatever it may be.

2.5 cm soft enamel pin with yellow rubber clutch
Comes in a foil packaging with character card inside

Egle Zvirblyte is a Lithuanian artist and illustrator based in London. She creates bright and punchy character-based work that is both tongue-in cheek and touches upon deeper humanistic topics.

Besides spending more than 12 years in London, she has lived in Melbourne, Tokyo, Bali and Barcelona, working for clients worldwide in branding, advertising, product design, music and fashion.

In her personal practice Egle explores themes of identity, spirituality, personal transformation, as well as connection of humans with their bodies, each other and the world.

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