"Manantial" Black Sunglasses


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MANANTIAL sunglasses are made from recycled HDPE plastic, one of the most abundant materials in landfills on the planet. If we recycle it, we obtain MANANTIAL, a light, resistant frame and its lenses, made of polycarbonate. The COLINA lenses are polarized and made from polycarbonate with UV400 protection. These polarized lenses reduce glare, optical stress and enhance contrast.

Measurements: Lens width: 50 | Bridge: 23 | Rod: 145mm

Parafina was founded in Madrid in 2014 by Javier Rodriguez, Samuel Soria and Alfonso de Luján, with the objetive to offer to the opticical world a sustainable and affordable alternative to traditional sunglasses which are predominantly made from plastic.

So they started developing a product, which they knew, if they wanted it to have the least possible impact on the environment, had to be recycled and organic. They learned about alternative materials and soon realized that these new materials were very durable, easy to shape and ultra light.

So far, they have managed to recycle: 3,541,206 PET plastic bottles; 187,506 HDPE plastic bottles; 5046 car tyres & 27,270 soda cans!

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