Moves - Light Brown / Transparent


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Moves sunglasses are made for cool fast-moving “adults”.

Those who wants to be seen and lead the way. It’s inspired by an active life and can lift everything from a classic dress to a fully sporty outfit!

All A. Kjærbede sunglasses are unisex and have UV 400 Protection certification for their polycarbonate lenses.

Lens – Temples
146 口一145

A. Kjærbede was created in 2016 by Adam Geertsen, with a desire to unite good quality and thoughtful design – at a price that most people can afford. The underlying basis of the brand is that price and quality do not necessarily correlate.

Adam Geertsen has been in the fashion business for more than 20 years and has always missed brands of affordable luxury. He named the brand A. Kjærbede because Kjærbede means “man decision” in Bornholmsk, and it refers to the process that he went through when he started the project.

The name also refers to Bornholm and Denmark. The Æ in Kjærbede emphasizes the brand’s Nordic origin, which also forms the basis its design inspiration.

A. Kjærbede releases a yearly collection of sunglasses inspired by the general fashion trends of the time, combined with a high degree of timelessness and classical expression.

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