NIB – Mole Vase


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The Nib vase’s design is simple, yet with a playful twist, creating a small eye-catcher in your home. Nib is designed by Halina Fritsch and its simple geometric form looks equally good with or without flowers, and works best in a group – mixing both colours and sizes.

Halina Fritsch has somehow captured the essence of Scandinavian design in this timeless ceramic Nib shape.

Small 10 x 10 cm
Medium 15 x 15 cm
Large 20 x 20 cm

DBKD are “down to earth”. That’s just how they want their design to be. With focus on design, quality and inspiration – DBKD has created modern classics since 2012 in the middle of the Swedish countryside. They make pots, vases and sculptures with a Scandinavian touch and an aim to make them look and feel nice in your home, year after year.

DBKD’s journey started in a flower shop in the small town of Vara. The idea was born of designing a pot that was as beautiful with, as without, flowers. Since then, with hard work and a large dose of creativity and joy, they have grown to become one of Scandinavia’s leading brands in pots and home decor. In the DBKD family, everyone is equally important, dedicated and aiming both high and far to achieve their goals, but actually, it’s not that complicated because they simply do what they love and believe in. The result is design characterized by simple shapes, playful details and muted tones, but always with sustainability and a focus on function.

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