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Slightly burnt vanilla in a lot of butter… Warm vanilla with an infinite number of black dots… Fluffy-cottony delicacy from Grandma’s old kitchen stove… Childlike anticipation that reaches well into adulthood… Steamed dumplings, freshly baked, with a fruity filling! Sweet, comforting and familiar.

Tropical opulent blossoms of tiare and orchids conduct this trip back in time, and form a cottony soft start. The sweet-tart vanilla is immediately on the scene and ensures that the sweetness is clearly present but doesn’t take the upper hand. Here and there a subtle fruitiness can be discerned from fruits powdered with very delicate freshly ground almonds.

The days of early childhood turn slowly, very slowly, into a sensual maturity that is no less attractive and is far from losing its vitality.

Dark ambergris joins with patchouly, a proven pair in perfect harmony and longevity with each other. The two form the framework for the presentation of seductive tonka bean, and delicate-powdery sandalwood. A fairly dark, smoky and grown-up vanilla now characterizes the finale and offers a promise of sensual pleasure.

Oriental Vanilla
Top Notes: Vanilla Infusion, Persian Almond, Tiare Flower
Hart Notes:  Tropical Orchid, White Fig, Oriental Amber, Indonesian Patchouli
Base Notes: Australian Sandalwood, Madagascar Vanilla, Siam Benzoin, Tonka Bean


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