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NÖRK RACK rope is incredibly strong, minimalist and supple. It can support human weight at great heights which makes it perfect to hang even your heftiest clothes. The hooks that turn our technically advanced ropes into cleverly designed house accessories are the result of long research into mountaineering equipment, nautical tools and functionally designed homeware. Each hook is designed to hold in place as soon as any weight is laid on them, and yet to glide freely along the rope to adjust for height.

Only 300g and can fit 25 coats

MATERIAL: Rope: nylon (climbing rope) 300g with hooks from strong resin
SIZE: 2,25m or 3m. Hooks: 5 adjustable hooks + metallic ceiling hook

Johanna Tammsalu is a young designer from Tallinn, Estonia where she started her design company, TAMMA DESIGN.

Johanna completed her Bachelor of Art studies in London followed by a Master in Conceptual and Industrial Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Madrid. Her work has been showcased in several international design fairs and been featured in many international publications.

Design Awards:
BRUNO Best product Selected, Tallinn 2018
BRUNO Winner, Best product design for a human environment, Tallinn 2016
SÄSI Winner, Young Designer Award, Tallinn 2016
Pure Talent Contest Selected, Cologne 2015
SÄSI Young Designer nominee, Tallinn 2014
The Clamp project, Creative Diary, Milan 2012

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