DISHES – refill

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Highly effective dish cleaner against all kinds of stains, whilst being 100% biodegradable once washed down the drain. Also gentle to your skin and non-toxic to your cutlery and dishes.

Refills require that you already have a suitable dispenser at home.

Derived from natural essential oils with a forest undertone.

Scent: Cedarwood – Black pepper – Silver fir – Juniper – Lemongrass – Lavender


EQUACARE believe in creating a better tomorrow with sustainable products. For the last ten years they were simply offering reusable water bottles EQUA for which every single bottle sold, decreased the use of 217 single plastic bottles. Now they wanted to go further. EQUACARE will help you significantly reduce your personal plastic waste. EQUACARE also uses only the cleanest natural ingredients – safe for your skin & surroundings. Whilst, scent blends are made from natural essential oils and extracts, leaving no room for synthetic fragrances.

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