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DUALITY unisex rings combine solids and voids in a minimalist way. Each piece has a degree of flexibility, but is structurally strong making them versatile, lightweight and ideal for everyday use.

DUALITY rings change appearance depending on the way you want to wear them, but whichever way you look at it, DUALITY is different and will appeal to architecture enthusiasts as much as minimalists.

Made layer by layer with 3D printed nylon and finished by hand in Tallinn. PA12 nylon is sustainable due to its high reusability and production with zero waste.

Diameter: Medium 16mm & Large 18mm

The creator of DUALITY, Kirkke Neumeister perhaps explains better:-

“As the owner of three unique design shops in Tallinn, I have been in the midst of the design and jewellery world for 13 years. I have always known that if I get the right feeling, I will create something myself. As a typical Estonian, this feeling has taken a long time…during which various thoughts and designs have accumulated on pages of notebooks and random scraps of paper.

Already after high school, I wanted to study architecture at EAA, but I lacked the boldness and mathematical knowledge to start the journey. I was never interested in well-known constructions like Eiffel Tower, Big Ben or Taj Mahal, but rather in modern and unique buildings such as libraries, art museums, hotels and even car parks.

I love concrete, clean lines, minimalist design and anything that somehow looks raw, however my taste in fashion is the opposite…I love colours and interesting shapes, such as Mickey Mouse ears!

I’m convinced that the simpler the jewellery or building looks, the more difficult they are to create because the complexity of the work is not immediately apparent in its simplicity. So the name of my jewellery series – DUALITY – was born from these two feelings.

The law of duality in architecture means both complex and simple, so there is always an opposite force to everything that is simple, which in turn makes the design much more complicated.”


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