Flower Power Tee – Blue


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The original T-shirt series which kickstarted the brand to streetwear super-stardom.

Material: 100% cotton

Care: Machine wash cold & line dry

Ryan O’ Connor created RIPnDIP in 2009 by decorating his skateboard with this lettering at a skate camp in Ohio and was imitated immediately by the camp’s kids.

He used this opportunity to bring his own skate brand to life. At the next skate camp, his shirts were sold instandly.

In the beginning, Ryan produced in his garage with his own screen printing machine and tried out all kinds of self-designed graphics and prints.

Success with the skaters ensured that the brand moved to Los Angeles, where its headquarters are now. There we work daily to combine new styles with best quality.

Most of the famous designs by RIPnDIP are created by New York artist and illustrator Jayme Lemperle. He makes sure that all RIPnDIP clothes have the typical crazy and funny designs and transforms each one into a work of art. In addition to the cheeky cat Lord Nermal, who looks out of the attached pockets of the T-shirts and has meanwhile reached cult status, also aliens like to decorate the products of RIPnDIP.

In addition to the famous t-shirts that started it all, you can now also find hoodies, socks, caps and skateboard decks in the range of the skate brand.


S, M, L, XL

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