Reflective Tag – Yellow Fade


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Point out the things you don’t want to lose. Keys, bags, clothes, cat, dog – you name it!

Oh things, oh things… Why do they always get lost? Leave your worries aside by tagging anything (or anyone) with MARCH reflective tag. The paper side is made to leave any message – address, name, or phone number. So if your things decide to wander, they will always find their way back to you. And when your friends ask what it is, just say it’s for good luck!

writable with ballpoint, marker and pencil

certified reflective fabric
writable synthetic paper

Size: 2,5 x 6 cm


MARCH does not invent new things but improves existing ones. Finding problems and offering solutions – in a clean and clever way – is the key to success. Each product, from a life-saving reflector to handmade lollipop, is brimming with innovation. The product idea comes first, followed by minimal design, outsourced production, and hands-on management. The result – unusual usual things!

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