White Cat Panties


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“Pure perfection panties” – Oh, it’s you again! Well, yes, you can look. No touching, though..

Witty, provocative and comfy as hell. You’ll be surprised what this underwear can do!

Made from light and airy fabric for an amazing all-day comfort. Finished with an elegant border.

Lickstarter underwear is made to last and will never lose its colour or shrink. Machine washable up to 40°C with similar coloured garments. Keep away from tumble drying! Don’t iron – who irons underwear anyway?

Lickstarter is a company from Riga, which makes playful underwear for women who like to play with boundaries. Liega Zelgalve, founder of Lickstarter is a graduate of Riga School of Arts and Crafts, an experienced textile print expert and a passionate e-commerce geek.

Our thighs, bottoms and hips are our weapons. Without doing anything, we can start a fire and trigger an avalanche. Just by letting them see slightly more. Start it first! Witty, provocative and bracing. Mild, comfy and hip.

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